Immigration Consulting Service

Immigration Consulting Service

Canada is one of the most popular countries to immigrate. Renown for its stable economy, best education system, multiculturalism and diversity, Canada has welcomed over 300,000 immigrants per year in the past few years.

Although many of the Canadian visa application process are straight forward, some are much more complex and requires up-to-date, in-depth knowledge of the immigration system. This can be quite an overwhelming and time consuming procedure, especially for non-English speakers. That is where a professional immigration consultant comes in.

Who are immigration consultants?

Simply put, an immigration consultant is a qualified professional who supports all immigration matters. Immigration consultants possess a wide range of knowledge on immigration laws and visa applications, and make sure your application is full-proof before submission.

To become a certified immigration consultant, one must pass the examimation accredited by The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and continue to update knowledge relating to immigration.

There are currently more than 60 different visa categories in Canada, and regulations are revised on a weekly basis. A regulated immigration consultant will guide you through this complex and rapidly changing immigration system, and increase your chance of successfully immigrating to Canada.

What are the benefits of immigration consultants?

Hiring an immigration consultant is not a prerequisite to apply for immigration. However, there are genuine reasons why choosing to do so will make your immigration process much easier and quicker.

Thorough and up-to-date knowledge

One of the most important benefits for seeking immigration consultancy is that they have abundant knowledge of all the immigration options available to you. Every applicant is unique, and not all applicants qualify for the most common or simplest immigration programs.

Consultants have extensive experience from past cases, and taken together with the current laws, they can guide you through the newest 60+ immigration programs so you understand what options are available, and ensure you qualify for the program you choose to apply for.

Save time and money

Immigration consultants can also save your time and money. Just because you are applying for a simple immigration category, doesn’t mean the application process will be simple either. No immigration application is easy.

Slightest errors in your document can end up in instant rejection or processing delay, or even worse, penalties that will deter you from entering the country. Experts know where common mistakes occur and are familiar with filling out complex paperwork. Your documents will be ensured that they are consistent and accurate to avoid delay, and to save valuable time.

Navigate throughout the entire immigration process

A professional immigration consultant will navigate you through the immigration process right from the first consultation and review every information to ensure you fulfill all the requirements.

Even after the application is submitted, the immigration consultant may continue to track the application status, and assist you with any correspondence you receive from the government. They will be ready to handle any error that occurs or question that arises and prevent your application from being refused.

Work with other agencies and employers on your behalf

Some visa applications require documents from your employer. As experts, immigration consultants can contact and advise these employers to provide specific documents.

Furthermore, they liaise with government agencies such as the Government of Canada, provincial and territorial governments, Department of Labour, and Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services on behalf of you or the employers.

What we offer

At the Canada Prime Consulting Visa Agency, we offer high quality immigration services including:

  • Consultation services for immigration and permanent residency in Canada
  • Consultation services for various types of visas
  • Visa seminars
  • Disseminating information regarding Canadian visas
  • PR card renewal and application for Canadian citizenship

Canadian Immigration Programs

Programs available for individuals who wish to stay in Canada for a short period of time:

  • Visitor Record
  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Super Visa
  • Study Permit
  • Intra-company Transferee Work Permit
  • NAFTA work permit
  • GATS work permit
  • Work Permit + Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Working Holiday Work Permit
  • Post-graduation Work Permit
  • Spousal Open Work Permit
  • Business Visitor

Programs available for individuals who wish to apply for permanent residence:

  • Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class)
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Care Provider and Home Support Worker program
  • Family Class (married or common-law couple)
  • Family Class (parents and grandparents)
  • Investor Entrepreneur Class

Other immigration services:

  • Application for renewal of PR card (immigration status)
  • Canadian Citizenship Application
  • Applying to change the annotations on an existing visa
  • Applying for reissue of a lost visa
  • Advice for individuals who have been denied previously and want to reapply
  • Advice for individuals who have a potential medical inadmissibility, or have a criminal history that may affect the visa application

Service fees

General consultation – $100

This option is for clients who do not have prior knowledge of the Canadian immigration process. It is a one time, 30 min – 1 hour consultation where you can ask general questions about your immigration opportunities. We do not collect any specific information or profile at this time.

$100 per applicant, approx. 30 min – 1 hour

Professional consultation – $500

This option is for clients who are ready for a detailed assessment of your background and skills. It is one time, 1 – 2 hours consultation by a professional representative where you can ask specific questions about your immigration opportunities. We will review your situation in detail, assess your eligibility and requirements, advise on strategies to achieve your specific immigration goals, and provide an outline of the steps and costs of the application process.

We will ask for your information in advance and provide you with a clear proposal at the first consultation. This is the first step of the application process.

If you decide to apply for any immigration program of fees greater than $1000 within 90 days after the consultation, we will deduct this fee from the final cost of the application.

*For families, cost will depend on family structure.

$500 per applicant, 1 – 2 hours

Temporary Resident Application – $350 to $1500

This option is for clients who wish to stay in Canada for a short period through temporary visas, such as a visitor, student, or worker. The fee will depend on the specific category of your application, as well as marital status, age, nationality, previous visa refusals, etc.

For most cases, the fee is in the range of $350 to $1500 per applicant.

Application for the LMIA work permit is between $3500 to $4000.

Permanent Residency Application  – $3500 to $6000

This option is for clients who wish to apply for permanent residency. The fee will depend on the specific category of application, marital status, age, nationality, previous visa refusals, etc.

For most cases, the fee is in the range of $3500 to $6000 per applicant.